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Koheron 250 MSPS acquisition board

250 MSPS acquisition board

2440 €

Koheron ALPHA250 is a Xilinx Zynq development board with 100 MHz RF front end. It features 14-bit ADC channels and 16-bit DAC channels, at 250 MSPS, clocked by an ultra-low jitter clock generator. It includes 4 channel 24-bit ADC and 4 channel 16-bit DAC. The board comes with open source reference designs.

Reference designs

Open source reference designs for Zynq® development boards

We provide complete and open source reference designs for Xilinx Zynq® boards. From FPGA with Verilog HDL code / Xilinx IPs, Linux C++ drivers to client-side Python / TypeScript drivers, the designs are compatible with Koheron SDK to make it easier to develop custom instruments.

Zynq reference designs
FFT Analyzer for Zynq

FFT Analyzer

The FFT Analyzer for Koheron ALPHA250 performs FFTs and averages them on the FPGA.

Pulse Generator for Zynq

Pulse Generator

The Pulse Generator for Red Pitaya allows to generate arbitrary pulses at regular intervals.

Picoblaze for Zynq


The Picoblaze for Zedboard is a microcontroller embedded on the FPGA.

Koheron SDK

Build, test and run Xilinx Zynq® instruments on Linux.


Ubuntu based

Develop and run instruments on Ubuntu with a webserver and client APIs (Python, TypeScript).

Version control

Version control

Koheron SDK integrates Tool Command Language scripting for version-controlled FPGA designs.

Open source

Open source

Koheron SDK is released under the MIT license and is available on GitHub.

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