Prototype Embedded Laser Instruments

Put together compact photonic building blocks and FPGA designs to develop embedded laser instruments.

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Low noise and compact building blocks for laser instruments

Benchtop performance

Koheron photonic building blocks offer benchtop performance for research-grade experiments. Specifications are characterized in an open manner.

Compact form factor

Our building blocks come in compact form factor with benchtop performance. Bridge the gap between research and production by developing laser systems with hardware ready to be embedded.

PD100 150 MHz low-noise photodetection DRV100 200mA low noise laser diode driver

PD100B 100 MHz balanced photodetection LD100 1550 nm low-noise DFB laser

Software Development Kit for embedded instruments

Focus on your instrument

Koheron SDK let you focus on the instrument design by handling the instrument connection to the network and providing control APIs (Python, JavaScript).

Reference FPGA designs

Start with one of our open source reference designs and develop your own instrument with Koheron SDK.

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