AMP200 User Guide

Last updated: 2023-03-09 PDF version
AMP200 Low-noise voltage preamplifier user interface
AMP200 user interface

The board must be supplied with 12 V on +VCC and -12 V on -VCC.

Gain adjustment

The AMP200 is composed of two cascaded amplifiers: a front-end amplifier with a fixed gain of 5 and a buffer with an adjustable gain from 1 to 100. The buffer gain is set using the GAIN potentiometer.

AMP200 Low-noise voltage preamplifier functional diagram
AMP200 functional diagram

Input offset adjustment

Input offset voltage can be adjusted within ±100 mV with the OFFSET trimmer. If input offset adjustment is not required, it can be disabled by setting the OFFSET jumper to OFF. This improves the input voltage noise floor below 1 kHz.

AC / DC coupling

AC or DC input coupling can be selected using the DC / AC switch.

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