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DRV300 User Guide

Last updated: 2021-10-05 PDF version

DRV300 user interface


Terminal block

  • VCC: Supply input. Connect this pin to a 9V supply.

  • EN: Laser Enable pin. Apply a voltage between 2.2 V and 4.5 V to enable the laser current.

  • TRIM: Laser current trimming input with 2 kΩ input impedance, ± 2 V input voltage range and 10 Hz bandwidth. Gain is 10 mA/V for the 200 mA version.

  • IMON: Laser current monitoring pin. The voltage at this pin is proportional to the laser current (5 V/A for the 200 mA version).

  • LD+: Laser anode pin. Connect this pin to the laser anode.

  • GND: Ground. Connect this pin to the laser cathode.


  • EN: Enable / disable laser current.

  • ILIM: Set to ON/OFF for Low/High current limit.

  • G0 / G1: Set modulation gain as follows:

G0 G1 Modulation gain
OFF OFF High (x 1)
ON OFF Medium (x 1/5)
OFF ON Low (x 1/25)


The LED lights up when the laser driver is enabled.

Mounting multiple DRV300 in parallel

To mount the laser drivers in parallel, tie LD+ pins together as follows:

DRV300 laser drivers mounted in parallel

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