LD101 User Guide

Last updated: 2023-03-09 PDF version


LD101 1550 nm low-noise DFB laser user interface
LD101 user interface
  1. Supply VCC with a voltage between 3.3 V and 5 V.

  2. Turn the laser enable switch (highlighted in red) ON.

  3. Adjust the laser current with the potentiometer (highlighted in blue). Laser current is limited at 55 mA and can be monitored at the IMON pin (40 mV/mA).

  4. Modulate the laser using the bias-tee input available on the Mod. in SMA connector. The modulation input is AC-coupled with a cut-off frequency of 1.6 kHz. Modulation gain is 20 mA/V above 100 kHz.

  5. The output of the internal photodetector is available on the PD out SMA. Transimpedance gain is 2 V/mA and bandwidth is 40 MHz.

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