PDX10R User Guide

Last updated: 2023-03-09 PDF version


PDX10R Free-space logarithmic photodetector user interface
PDX10R user interface
  1. Supply VCC pin with 5 V.

  2. Illuminate the photodetectors with a maximum of 4 mW optical power per photodiode.

  3. (Optional) Set log A/B offset with the potentiometer. Set log A/B gain with the jumpers x1, x10.

  4. The outputs are available on the terminal block.

Output voltage versus input optical power

The voltage Vout at the logarithmic amplifier output is related to the input optical power Pin according to

Vout = VY log10(S Pin / IZ),

where VY = 300 mV/decade is the logarithmic slope, IZ = 100 pA is the intercept current, and S is the photodiode responsivity (0.55 A/W at 800 nm).

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