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Call external drivers

For example the driver Laser defined by the file laser.hpp uses the driver Xadc defined by the file xadc.hpp:


To call the driver Xadc from the driver Laser: * include xadc.hpp file * use ctx.get in the driver Laser constructor * return Xadc object


#include <xadc.hpp>
    Laser(Context& ctx)
    : ctl(ctx.mm.get<mem::control>())
    , sts(ctx.mm.get<mem::status>())
    , xadc(ctx.get<Xadc>())
    Memory<mem::control>& ctl;
    Memory<mem::status>& sts;
    Xadc& xadc;

Important note

Be careful not to introduce circular dependencies in the constructors.

See also

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