Update CTL300E laser controller firmware

Last updated: 2023-03-09
  1. Remove the laser from the board and close all open serial connections.

  2. Turn off the power supply and set the BM jumper on the TB300 breakout board to ON.

    CTL300E Industrial laser diode controller connections
    CTL300E connections
  3. Turn on the power supply.

  4. Run the utility cm3wsd.exe (available for download here).

  5. Select the program (hex file) to upload. The latest version of the firmware is available for download here.

    Select the Serial Port, the Baud Rate ('115200') and Flash Action ('Program and Verify').

    Update CTL300E firmware Step 1

  6. Click Start.

    The program will install on the microcontroller.

    Update CTL300E firmware Step 2

  7. Once finished, turn off the controller and set the BM jumper to OFF.

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