DRV10 User Guide

Last updated: 2023-03-09 PDF version
DRV10 OEM PCB-mount laser diode driver electrical connections
DRV10 electrical connections

Pin description

  • VCC (pin 1): Power supply input. Maximum supply voltage is 36 V. Minimum supply voltage is Vmin = Ilaser * 10 Ω + 1.5 V + Vlaser.

  • EN (pin 2): Enable pin. Connect to VCC or GND to enable or disable the laser current. Do not leave this pin floating. Enable threshold is 1.8 V.

  • GND (pins 3, 6 and 7): Ground

  • ILIM (pin 4): Connect a resistor between ILIM and GND to set the current limit. Current limit is defined by Ilim = 200 mA * 750 Ω / RLIM If the current limit functionnality is not needed, tie this pin to GND.

  • RSET (pin 5): Connect a resistor between RSET and LD+ to set the laser current. Laser current is defined by Ilaser = 200 mA * RSET / 10 kΩ.

  • LD+ (pin 8): Laser anode pin. Connect the laser anode to LD+ and the laser cathode to GND. The DRV10 will not work with anode grounded lasers.

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