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OEM PCB-mount laser diode driver

DRV10 - OEM PCB-mount laser diode driver
DRV10 - OEM PCB-mount laser diode driver DRV10 - Electrical connections DRV10 - Current noise

Koheron DRV10 is an OEM PCB-mount low-noise laser driver with 12 V compliance voltage. The DRV10 accepts up to 36 V input voltage with efficiency up to 70%. Laser current is set with an external resistor.

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Compatible lasers Cathode-grounded / floating diodes
Current driver
Laser current 0 - 200 mA
Compliance voltage 12 V
Temperature coefficient 50 ppm/°C
RMS noise (10 Hz - 1.1 MHz) < 200 nArms
Current noise density (1 kHz) 180 pA / Hz1/2
Current limit adjustable with external resistor
Supply voltage 3 - 36 V
Outside Dimensions 38 mm x 10 mm x 4 mm
Weight 3.2 g
Operating temperature 0 °C - 50 °C

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Current noise

The DRV10 laser diode driver current noise was measured across a 5 Ω resistor with a supply voltage of 5 V.

DRV10 current noise

Integrated noise in the 10 Hz - 1.1 MHz bandwidth is 158 nArms at 100 mA current and 159 nArms at 200 mA current. The DRV10 laser diode driver was supplied from a DC/DC converter. The peak of the current noise at 1 MHz is caused by the laser diode driver itself and will not be reduced by using a quieter power supply.

Export information

HS code 8542.39.90
Country of Origin France

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