DRV100 User Guide

Last updated: 2019-09-18 PDF version


DRV100 analog potentiometer

  1. Turn the setpoint potentiometer (highlighted in yellow) counter-clockwise to set the current to 0 mA.

  2. Connect the pins V+ and V- to a power supply between 3 V and 12 V.

  3. (Optional) Connect a 1 Ω resistor between the OUT+ and OUT- pins. The current flowing across the resistor can be measured at the IMON pin (150 mV = 100 mA for DRV100-A-200, 72 mV = 10 mA for DRV100-A-40). Turn the potentiometer clockwise until you reach the desired current.

  4. Turn off the power supply and connect your laser between OUT+ and OUT- pins.

  5. Turn on the power supply and adjust the potentiometer.

Electrical connections

Floating laser diode

For a floating laser diode the following connections can be used:

DRV100 - Electrical connections (floating anode and cathode)

The CASE is internally connected to V- in the DRV100 and can be connected to earth. To avoid ground loops, the negative output of the power supply can be disconnected from earth.

Anode grounded laser diode

If the laser diode anode is tightened to the case, the following connection should be used:

DRV100 - Electrical connections (grounded anode)

A floating supply is required and earth must NOT be connected to the negative output of the supply. The diode case must NOT be connected to the CASE terminal of the DRV100.

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