DRV110 User Guide

Last updated: 2023-03-09 PDF version
DRV110 Ultra low noise high-voltage laser driver user interface
DRV110 user interface

The DRV110 works with floating or cathode grounded. Do not use the DRV110 to drive an anode grounded diode.

Current is set with the CURRENT trimmer and can be enabled / disabled with the mechanical switch.

For the DRV110-A-1200, current limit is 1250 mA or 500 mA, depending on the position on the ILIM jumper (H or L). For the DRV110-A-750, current limit is 800 mA or 400 mA. For the DRV110-A-375, current limit is 400 mA or 200 mA.

Pin description

  • LD+: Connect the laser anode to this pin. The laser cathode must be connected to GND.

  • VCC: Power supply input. Maximum supply voltage is 19.5 V. Minimum supply voltage is Vmin = Rsense x Ilaser + 1 V + Vlaser, where Rsense = 10 Ω for the DRV110-A-375, 5 Ω for the DRV110-A-750, and 2.5 Ω for the DRV110-A-1200. Driving the DRV110 more than 1 V above Vmin results in increased power consumption without improving performance.

  • DIS: Apply a voltage between 2 V and 5 V to disable the laser current.

  • IMON: Current monitoring pin. Voltage at this pin is proportional with the laser current and reaches 300 mV when the current reaches the current limit defined by the ILIM jumper.

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