LPD100 User Guide

Last updated: 2023-03-09 PDF version
LPD100 1550 nm laser and photodetectors user interface
LPD100 user interface


The LPD100 must be supplied with a single voltage between 6 V and 28 V on the 2.5 mm barrel connector. The PWGD LED indicates that the board is correctly supplied.

Once the board is supplied, use the LASER ENABLE switch to turn on the laser. Laser current is tuned with the LASER CURRENT trimmer. The output of the laser internal photodetector can be monitored on the LPDO SMA connector (gain of 2 V / mA). The LASER LED brightness is approximately proportional to the laser optical power.

Auxiliary power supplies

The LPD100 generates two internal supplies (+5 V and -5 V) from the main power supply that are made available on the 0.1" header. Maximum current is 500 mA for the +5V pin and 300 mA for the -5V pin.

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