PD100 User Guide

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PD100 Low noise photodetector user interface
PD100 user interface
  1. Supply +VCC pin with a voltage between 5.5 V and 12 V. Supply -VCC pin with a voltage between -12 V and -5.5 V. The board is regulated to ±5 V internally. Using more than ±6 V supplies increases power consumption without any significant improvement in supply noise rejection.

  2. Supply the photodetector with a maximum 2 mW optical power. The linear output voltage range of the transimpedance amplifier is between -3.5 V and 3.5 V. The corresponding optical power depends on the transimpedance gain and the coupling (AC or DC) of your PD100.

  3. The output is available on the SMA connector (50 Ω impedance).

PD100 Low noise photodetector functional diagram
PD100 functional diagram

Photodiode mounting

The detector is designed for TO Can photodiodes.

Photodiode footprint

See also the mechanical drawings.

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