Find the dynamic IP address of a Zynq board with Koheron OS


  • The board is connected to your local network via a router.
  • Koheron OS is installed on the board.

If you wish to connect directly the board to the computer setup a direct ethernet connection to the board with a static IP address.


  1. Find the network ID

    $ ip addr show | grep -w inet | grep eth
    inet brd scope global dynamic eth0

    The network ID is the broadcast address brd with the parts equal to 255 stripped. Here, the network ID is 192.168.1.

    Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.

    Network and Sharing Center

    Click on your connection then click on Details.

    IP subnet

    The IPv4 address ( and the IPv4 Subnet Mask ( gives the network ID. Here, the network ID is 192.168.1.

  2. Find the host ID.

    The host ID is displayed in binary on the 8 LEDs of the board.

    ALPHA250 LEDs showing the last digit of the IP address


The IP address of the board is:

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