CTL200-0 User Guide

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This guide describes the information that is specific to the screw terminal version of the CTL200. Please refer to the CTL200 user guide for general information on the CTL200.

CTL200-0 Digital laser diode controller user interface
CTL200-0 user interface

Terminal block connections

  • LD+ / LD-: Laser anode / cathode pins. If possible, use a short twisted cable to connect your laser. The CTL200-0 is only compatible with floating diodes.
  • VL+ / VL-: Laser anode / cathode 4-wire voltage sensing pins.
  • PD+ / PD-: Photodiode anode / cathode pins. PD+ is internally connected to GND.
  • TH+ / TH-: 10K thermistor pins.
  • TEC+ / TEC-: Connections to the Peltier element.
  • AI1, AI2: Auxiliary analog inputs between 0 and 2.5 V.
  • DO1, DO2: Digital outputs that replicate the status of LASER and TEMP LEDs on 3V3 logic levels.

Modulation input

DC modulation input for modulation between DC and 10 MHz. Modulation range is ±1 V. A jumper allows to choose between 3 modulation gains. Input impedance is 50 Ω.

Power supply

The board must be supplied at the VS pin with a voltage from 7.5 V to 12.5 V.

Adjusting the compliance voltage

The switches SW3 and SW4 of the configuration switch are used to adjust the compliance voltage. The figure below shows the maximum laser voltage vs. current for the 4 compliance voltage configurations.

CTL200-0-B-200 Digital laser diode controller compliance voltage
CTL200-0-B-200 compliance voltage
CTL200-0-B-400 Digital laser diode controller compliance voltage
CTL200-0-B-400 compliance voltage
CTL200-0-B-600 Digital laser diode controller compliance voltage
CTL200-0-B-600 compliance voltage

Make sure to use the lowest possible compliance voltage configuration in order to minimize the power consumption.

Serial interface

Information related to the serial interface can be found on the CTL200 user guide.

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