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Laser servo controller

PI200 - Laser servo controller
PI200 - Laser servo controller PI200 frequency response PI200 user interface PI200 bloc diagram

Koheron PI200 is a laser servo controller with PI² loop filter.

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PI200 PI200-T
Control bandwidth 5 MHz 5 MHz
Loop delay 20 ns 20 ns
Slow integrator frequency range 800 mHz - 800 Hz 8 mHz - 8 Hz
Fast integrator frequency range 47 kHz - 4.7 MHz 47 kHz - 4.7 MHz
Output voltage noise (0 dB gain) 5 nV/√Hz 5 nV/√Hz
Input voltage range ±2.0 V ±2.0 V
Input impedance 50 Ω 50 Ω
Output voltage range ±2.0 V on 50 Ω ±2.0 V on 50 Ω
Supply voltage (positive) 4.7 V to 6 V 4.7 V to 6 V
Supply voltage (negative) -4.7 V to -6 V -4.7 V to -6 V
Outside Dimensions 75 mm x 60 mm x 14 mm 75 mm x 60 mm x 14 mm
Weight 40 g 40 g
Operating temperature 0 - 50 °C 0 - 50 °C


Input referred voltage noise

Input voltage noise measured for a gain of 10 between the input and the error signal output.

PI200 Laser servo controller input referred voltage noise

Transfer functions

Error signal

Bode plot of the transfer functions from the signal and modulation inputs to the error output:

PI200 Laser servo controller error signal transfer function

Fast output

Transfer functions between the input and the fast output. Fast integrator gain is set to its minimum value (47 kHz). Global gain is -20 dB and input signal is 150 mVpp.

PI200 Laser servo controller fast output transfer function

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