Quantum cascade laser driver

QCL100 - Quantum cascade laser driver
QCL100 - Quantum cascade laser driver QCL100 - Current noise QCL100 - Modulation bandwidth

Koheron QCL100 is a high-performance current driver designed to drive high-voltage loads such as Quantum Cascade Lasers. It operates as a current sink, allowing the laser anode to be connected to the ground. The QCL100 driver provides a compliance voltage adjustable up to 15 V and an adjustable precision current limit. The board features a 5 MHz modulation input and a 10 Hz trimming input. It is supplied from a single 24 V input and comes with an aluminum base plate.

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QCL100-A-500 QCL100-A-1000
Laser current 0 - 650 mA 0 - 1300 mA
Supply voltage VS 19 V - 26 V 19 V - 26 V
Compliance voltage 15 V at 500 mA (13.5 V at 650 mA) 15 V at 1000 mA (13 V at 1300 mA)
3 dB modulation bandwidth 5 MHz 5 MHz
Current monitor gain 2 V/A 1 V/A
RMS noise (10 Hz - 1 MHz) 680 nArms 1350 nArms
Current noise density (1 kHz) 650 pA/√Hz 1300 pA/√Hz
Modulation gains 10 mA/V, 50 mA/V 20 mA/V, 100 mA/V
Operating temperature 0 °C - 50 °C 0 °C - 50 °C
Outside Dimensions 100 mm x 68 mm x 16 mm 100 mm x 68 mm x 16 mm
Compatible lasers Anode-grounded / Floating diodes Anode-grounded / Floating diodes

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Current noise

QCL100 Quantum Cascade Laser driver current noise measurement


Modulation transfer function measured across a 25 Ω load at 400 mA (QCL100-A-500) and 12.5 Ω load at 1000 mA (QCL100-A-1000). Modulation input voltage amplitude is 2 Vpp.

QCL100-A-500 modulation response
QCL100-A-500 modulation response
QCL100-A-1000 modulation response
QCL100-A-1000 modulation response

The figure below shows the response (yellow) of the QCL100-A-500 driver to a 2 Vpp triangle modulation (green):

QCL100 Quantum Cascade Laser driver large signal triangular modulation

Current limit

The QCL100 driver integrates a fast and precise current limit. Here the current limit clamps a 10 kHz sine wave at 400 mA:

QCL100 Quantum Cascade Laser driver current limit

External setpoint trimming input

The external trimming input can be use to perform a low frequency modulation with a 10 Hz bandwidth.

QCL100 Quantum Cascade Laser driver external setpoint modulation

Export information

HS code 9030.33.70
Country of Origin France

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