8-channel digital laser driver

8-channel digital laser driver
8-channel digital laser driver DRV800 current stability DRV800 modulation DRV800 current noise

Koheron DRV800 is a 8-channel laser driver with digital control. DRV800 can drive floating and cathode-grounded laser diodes. It delivers up to 210 mA per channel with up to 6.5 V compliance voltage. Channels are parallelable for higher output current. Each channel has a dedicated DC to 7 MHz modulation input. Typical applications include photonic integrated circuits control, and laser diodes aging and testing.

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Laser current 0 mA to 210 mA
Current driver
Compliance voltage 6.5 V
Laser current resolution 5 µA
RMS noise (10 Hz to 1 MHz) 250 nArms
Current noise density (10 kHz) 230 pA/√Hz
Temperature coefficient 50 ppm/°C
DC Crosstalk (Single channel full scale output change) ±25 µA
Modulation input
3 dB bandwidth 7 MHz
Input voltage range (gain 0 setting) -2 V to 2 V
Input voltage range (gain 1 setting) -1 V to 1 V
Input impedance 50 Ω
Modulation gain (gain 0 setting) 33 mA/V
Modulation gain (gain 1 setting) 100 mA/V
AC Crosstalk (10 kHz) -55 dB
Power supply
Supply voltage 11 V to 13 V (12 V nominal)
Supply current 2 A
Quiescent current 100 mA
Outside dimensions 150 mm x 75 mm x 17 mm
Weight 100 g
Operating temperature 0 °C to 50 °C
Compatible lasers Floating diodes / cathode-grounded

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Functional diagram

DRV800 functional diagram

DRV800 contains 8 current drivers, capable of driving floating and cathode grounded laser diodes. Each driver has its own modulation input.

Current noise

Current noise density of the DRV800-8-200 operating at 200 mA:

DRV800 current noise

Current stability

Current stability over an hour driving 200 mA in a 10 Ω load:

DRV800 current stability


The DRV800 laser diode driver features a DC modulation which controls the current setpoint input with 7 MHz bandwidth.

Modulation frequency response measured across a 10 Ω resistor with 200 mA output current:

DRV800 laser diode driver modulation

Cable length effect is presented in user guide.

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HS code 9030.33.70
Country of Origin France

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DRV800-8-200 DRV800
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