Dual logarithmic photodetector

PD10R - Dual logarithmic photodetector
PD10R - Dual logarithmic photodetector Output voltage vs Optical Power Measurement of gas cell absorption Setup for measurement of gas cell absorption PD10R mechanical drawing

Koheron PD10R is a dual logarithmic photodetector for general purpose optical power measurements. In addition to two analog outputs log(A) and log(B), the PD10R gives the log-ratio log(A/B) with an adjustable offset and two gain settings (x1 and x10). The PD10R provides a fully-analog solution for direct absorption measurement in spectroscopy setups.

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Wavelength range 900 - 1700 nm
Optical power -67 to 7 dBm (0 dBm = 1 mW)
Small signal bandwidth 1.2 MHz at 3 dB for optical power > -10 dBm / 100 µW
Logarithmic slope 30 mV / dBm between -50 and 7 dBm
Supply voltage 3.3 - 15 V
Dimensions 38 mm x 53 mm x 12 mm

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The figure below shows the voltage measured on the two outputs log(A) and log(B) vs. the optical power incident on photodiodes A and B respectively. Optical power was generated with a 1550 nm DFB laser followed by a variable optical attenuator and measured with a Thorlabs PM100D / S155C power meter.

Output voltage vs Optical Power

We observe a linear behavior between -50 dBm (10 nW) and 7 dBm (5mW).

Absorption measurement

The PD10R can perform accurate absorption measurements with small amounts of optical power. We used the setup below to observe the absorption lines of a HCN gas cell with 200 nW of total optical power. Optical source is a DFB laser whose temperature is increased linearly from 10 to 25 °C in 60 s. The absorption path and the reference path are connected respectively to the A and B inputs of the PD10R.

Absorption measurement setup

The three outputs log(A), log(B) and log(A/B) have been recorded simultaneously during the 60 s temperature sweep. Intensity variation observed on the log(A) and log(B) channels are nicely rejected on the log(A/B) output. Numerical computation of log(A/B) from log(A) and log(B) is represented in the cyan curve.

Gas cell absorption

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