Si free-space photodetector

PDX10S-SI - Si free-space photodetector
PDX10S-SI - Si free-space photodetector PDX10S-SI - Si free-space photodetector (front) PDX10S-SI - Si free-space photodetector (back) PDX10S-SI - Frequency response PDX10S-SI - Shot noise PDX10S-SI - Noise Equivalent Power

Koheron PDX10S-SI is a Si free-space photodetector with 5 kV/A transimpedance gain and 50 MHz bandwidth. With a noise-equivalent power spectral density of 4 pW/√Hz at 800 nm and up to 8 V DC output voltage, the PDX10S-SI is the perfect candidate for applications requiring high dynamic range.

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Detector type Si PIN photodiode
Photodiode active diameter 800 µm
Wavelength range 320 - 1000 nm
Small signal bandwidth 0 - 50 MHz at 3 dB
Coupling DC
Optical input power 0 - 3 mW
Photodiode peak responsivity (800 nm) 0.55 A / W
Power supply (positive) 10.5 - 13 VDC
Power supply (negative) -9 to -4 VDC
Transimpedance gain 5 kV / A
Output voltage range 0 - 8.0 V
Noise Equivalent Power 4 pW / √Hz (at 1 MHz)
Output impedance 50 Ω
Quiescent current 38 mA per rail
Outside Dimensions 49 mm x 40 mm x 18 mm
Output SMA female connector
Operating temperature 0 °C - 50 °C
Weight 26 g

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Functional diagram

PDX10S-5-DC-SI free-space Si photodetector functional diagram


Output power spectral density

The power spectral density of the PDX10S-5-DC-SI output was measured for different incident optical powers. Optical source is a 810 nm LED driven by a Koheron DRV110-A-375 laser driver. Power spectrum is measured using the Koheron ALPHA250 FFT analyzer.

PDX10S-5-DC-SI free-space Si photodetector output power spectral density

Small signal frequency response

Small signal bandwidth is 50 MHz at 3 dB.

PDX10S-5-DC-SI free-space Si photodetector small signal frequency response

Noise equivalent power

The figure below shows the noise-equivalent power spectral density at a wavelength of 810 nm.

PDX10S-5-DC-SI free-space Si photodetector noise equivalent power

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