Transimpedance amplifier

PD10TIA - Transimpedance amplifier
PD10TIA - Transimpedance amplifier PD10TIA-80-DC photodetector functional diagram PD10TIA-80-DC photodetector frequency response

Koheron PD10TIA is a transimpedance amplifier (TIA) with a bandwidth of 1 MHz and an input-referred current noise of less than 1 pA / √Hz. It is compatible with photodiodes with up to 2 nF input capacitance.

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Input current -45 to 45 µA
Small signal bandwidth 0 - 800 kHz at 3 dB (Cin = 10 pF)
Input current noise density 0.8 pA / √Hz (at 1 MHz, Cin = 10 pF)
Coupling DC
Maximum input capacitance 2 nF
Power supply (positive) 5.5 - 9 VDC
Power supply (negative) -9 to -5.5 VDC
Transimpedance gain 80 kV / A
Output voltage range ±3.6 V
Output impedance 50 Ω
Outside Dimensions 63 mm x 38 mm x 14 mm
Input connector SMA
Output connector SMA
Mechanical details Compatible with M6 metric breadboards (25 mm spacing)
Operating temperature 0 °C - 50 °C

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Functional diagram

PD10TIA-80-DC photodetector functional diagram
PD10TIA-80-DC functional diagram


Frequency response

PD10TIA-80-DC photodetector frequency response
PD10TIA-80-DC frequency response

Input current noise density

The input-referred current noise of the PD10TIA transimpedance amplifier depends on the input capacitance. For best performance, one should select a photodiode with low parasitic capacitance and use cables as short as possible, as explained in the user guide.

Input current noise density for input capacitances of 10 pF and 440 pF:

PD10TIA-80-DC Input current noise density

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