Quad-channel transimpedance amplifier

TIA400 - Quad-channel transimpedance amplifier
TIA400 - Quad-channel transimpedance amplifier TIA400 transimpedance amplifier functional diagram TIA400 transimpedance amplifier frequency response TIA400 transimpedance amplifier input current noise density

Koheron TIA400 is a quad-channel transimpedance amplifier (TIA) with a bandwidth of 2 MHz and an input-referred current noise of less than 5 pA/√Hz. It is compatible with photodiodes with up to 200 pF input capacitance (including cable capacitance). Thanks to its multiple channels and its large input current range (up to ± 4 mA), TIA400 is well suited for system monitoring of optical powers.

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Transimpedance gain 2 kV/A or 10 kV/A
3 dB bandwidth 2 MHz (Cin = 5 pF)
Input current range ±4 mA
Input current noise density (1 MHz, Cin = 5 pF) 5 pA/√Hz
Maximum input capacitance 200 pF
Coupling DC
Output impedance 50 Ω
Output buffer gain 1 or 5
Output voltage range (high impedance) -8 V to 8 V
Output voltage range (50 Ω) -2 V to 2 V
Power supplies
Positive supply voltage 11.5 V to 13 V
Negative supply voltage (bipolar output) -13 V to -11.5 V
Negative supply voltage (unipolar output) -6 V to -4.5 V
Supply current 320 mA per rail
Quiescent current 55 mA per rail
Outside dimensions 79 mm x 66 mm x 13 mm
Weight 36 g
Operating temperature 0 °C to 50 °C

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Functional diagram

TIA400 functional diagram


The frequency response and the input current noise density are shown for different photodiodes (capacitance Cpd) and input coaxial cable lengths (Lcoax, typical capacitance 1 pF/cm).

Frequency response

TIA400-2k frequency response

Input current noise density

TIA400-2k Input current noise density

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